Lox and Lasso is a small boutique custom 3D printed rings business located in Connecticut, USA. Mixing high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we’re passionate about our work, therefore producing high quality, unique and vibrant accessories for your finger.

Many people still choose to purchase the traditional solid gold rings, taking out monthly payments for something that loses its luster and shine within a few years. That's why we created Lox and Lasso, an affordable U.S. based luxury rings and wedding bands company. 

Our inner-rounded designs make our rings more comfortable than traditional rings. Our Lox and Lasso products sit snug and comfortably on your finger. They are easier to remove in case of emergencies yet not too loose where they can easily fall off. We also make it easy to find just the right size for you with our step-by-step instructions and optional ring sizer. 

Rings are a symbol of strength, unity, or vow. Often unnoticed, these little accessories tell stories of its wearer. Our elusive patterns and captivating colors help reveal your personality and tastes.


Our Philosophy

Every individual is unique, and so should be the accessories they choose to wear.


Our Vision

To change the way we view wedding rings and bands. We are moving people away from traditional expensive gold and silver to a more affordable solution with more patterns, elements, and durability.


Our Mission

To offer a better alternative for men to show off their love and commitment without those outrageous prices.


Hand-Made Tungsten and Other Fine Metals

Made with 80% Tungsten, Lox and Lasso’s tungsten collection rings are stronger, tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, and will maintain their polish forever. More durable, our rings provide more varieties of innovative metals, designs, patterns, and finishes than standard wedding rings.


Variety Of Colors

Grooves and Cutouts, Patterns, Stones, and Inlays, our professional team can create the perfect ring to suit your personality and occasion. Whether it's for a wedding or a special event, we add the personal touch to your jewelry, making you stand out.


Scratch-Resistant & Luster-Proof

With tungsten's neutral metal nature, our rings remain unblemished for several years, even with regular use. Perfect for men who engage in daily.


Our Ring Sizing Service

We offer a Ring Sizer option that is essentially credited back if you purchase a ring from us. Here's how it works. You pay us a small fee and we send you a ring sizer.  Once you find your size and purchase from our store, we will issue a refund back to you in the form of a gift card! The ring sizer is based on U.S. ring sizes which will size you correctly for Lox and Lasso!

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Whether you’re more a creative individual or city life minimalist, we have a ring that'll match who you are. With dozens in varieties of patterns and colors to choose from, get a ring that tells your story without denting your wallet.

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Finding Your Ring Size

Finding your ring size is crucial to make sure your gift fits perfectly. Our Lox and Lasso rings are US/CA ring sizes.

Visit a Local Jeweler

Another excellent method to discover your ring size is to go to the closest jewelry shop, and they will tell you your size for free.  

String and Measuring Tape

If you're unable to visit a jeweler, you can effortlessly to measure your finger at home. Simply tie some string around your finger, cut the remaining rope off, and measure the line wrapped around your finger in millimeters (mm) with the measuring tape or ruler. Then you can refer to our chart or google a chart converter from millimeters to U.S. ring size.  

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