Find Your Ring Size

One of the most important things when looking for a new ring is to ensure you get one that fits! Below are three recommendations to find your perfect ring size.


1. *Free Ring Sizer When You Purchase a Ring

We offer a ring sizer that can be shipped to you. This is the most accurate and efficient method to find the best size for you.Ring Sizer


Get Your Ring Sizer Here

The process is pretty simple. When you purchase our ring sizer, we will include a gift card for the amount of money you paid (shipping cost and tax excluded). When it comes time to purchase your ring from us, simply add the promo code provided on your gift card at checkout!

Just try on the different size loops and choose the one that best fits your finger. Each loop is marked with the ring size you will need to provide us to place your order. When choosing your size, we recommend to make sure the loop is snug and not too loose, so that you can slide it on and off your finger comfortably!

#2: Visit a local Jewelry Shop

Another excellent method to find your ring size is to go to the closest jeweler, and they will tell you your size for free.

#3: A String and Measuring Tape


If option #1 and #2 aren't ideal, you can pretty effortlessly measure your finger at home. Simply tie a string around your ring finger, snip the remaining string where it meets, and measure the string you wrapped around your finger in millimeters (mm) with a measuring tape or ruler. Finally, refer to our chart below to find your size. Here are the steps again in more detail: 

  1. Wrap the string around your finger and mark where it begins to overlap. Cut the string at this mark. By doing this, you have measured the circumference of your finger.

  2. Straighten the rope out and measure it with a ruler.

  3. Compare the length with our international ring sizing chart below.

DISCLAIMER: The string method is not the most accurate way to find your ring size. Options #1 or #2 are most recommended for accuracy and reliability.

International Ring Sizing Chart

International Ring Sizing Chart