Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our FAQ section. This page contains answers to some of the most common questions we receive. 


Are the rings only for men?

Most of our rings are unisex, so women can rock them too! We have sizes as small as 4 (US/CA) to as large as size 16!

How do I get a promo code?

Simply sign up to our email newsletter to receive promo codes, discount codes, or other special offers. We promise we won't spam you. We typically only send out emails when it's likely worth your read, or during a special promotion event. 

How long does shipping take?

"Ship Me" Rings (U.S. Rates) USPS First Class (5-10 business days*): FREE. USPS Priority Insured: (2-3 business days*): 

International shipping varies depending upon ring price, total order price, and location. It should all be explanatory when checking out in your shopping cart.

What other materials do you use?

Most of our rings are Tungsten. We also offer Damascus, Titanium, Sterling Silver, Gold plated, Resin, and Wood. 

If you're allergic to Nickel, we recommend Wood, Epoxy Resin, Titanium, and Cobalt rings, as these are the safest options. It's best to avoid Tungsten and solid Gold for those with allergies to metals.  

Can I take a shower with my ring on?

Although our rings can be worn in water with little to no harm, we advise against it.

Can I leave my ring on without ever taking it off?

Sure you can. That said, it's recommended to remove your ring(s) from time to time and give your fingers a break. This is also a great time for a quick polish with a soft cloth, as needed.

Why should I purchase a gold plated ring instead of solid gold?

The biggest difference is price. Certainly, solid gold is much more expensive, but if cared for properly, gold plated rings can be passed down to your grandchildren with ease.

Do you ship to all countries?

We ship virtually all over the world! 

Do you have a physical store?

Our warehouse is in Connecticut, USA. This is where we design, create, store, and ship most of our products from.  Although a physical store is something we've though about and considering, currently we are solely online.

Can you custom engrave or personalize my other rings for me?

Yes! We offer an additional engraving option for other rings you might own, not only from just our site. For more information please reach out to us via email with your requests along with photos of your ring. In some circumstances we may not be able to commit to personalization's of rings we haven't made.

What's your warranty?

It's 30 days! And it helps guarantee that when you purchase a ring from us, you can return it, exchange it, or have it insured anytime within the first 30 days of receiving your order.

Our "Cover Me" policy comes with a FREE One (1) Year Limited Warranty. 

How do I find my size?

Use our ring sizer to determine your size. You can also go to a local Jewelry Store and request a free ring size. Finally, you also have the option to measure your finger with a string and ruler and check our ring chart to find your size. For more information on how to do this, visit our ring sizing section.

How do I measure ring size as an international customer?

It's best to refer to international ring charts and compare. You can also Google search something like "international ring size calculator" and pretty effortlessly find your size in US/CA. These will typically show several metrics and sizes.  Feel free to reach out if you need help finding your size.

What ring sizes do you offer?

Currently, we offer sizes 4-15 (US/CA). Many of our half sizes may require 2-4 weeks for production, as we don't stock up in odd sizes too often.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Of course! In the case of returns or exchanges, we ask that customers pay for the return shipping, and once we receive the return we'll make further adjustments at the time of processing. 

If the ring doesn't fit, contact our customer support for further assistance and read our Exchange Policy

We ask for customers to read our Exchange Policy before initiating Returns or Exchanges. You can email our customer support at